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“A wingfoil and kitesurf artistic edit about Fabi’s Ukiyo. ”
This is the third big project I’ve worked on with my friend Fabi. In this short film we showcase Fabi’s love for the ocean and where he finds his ukiyo. “My Ukiyo is found in the ocean, engaging in water sports. It’s the moment of peace when I completely disconnect from everything and focus solely on that special and unique moment” – Fabi.
After working for a few years together, Fabi and I have developed a state of workflow where we combine our ideas and create epic and unique stuff. We worked on this project filming for 2 weeks straight in Gran Canaria, where the wind and waves make this island such a incredible place to do all kinds of water sports. We couldn’t be happier with how the whole project came out and I hope you like it as much as we do!
Fabian Muhmentaler x North Wing
Gran Canaria
July 2023
Shot on:
Sony a7iii
Seafrogs waterhousing
24-70mm f2.8
150-600mm f5.6
Gimbal Dji Ronin-S
6 min 51 sec
“UKIYO has been our most special project up to date. We’ve put so much time and effort in making this video unique and cinematic… UKIYO is definitely our best project and a perfect example of how good things can turn out when you put love and passion into something. ”
Fabian Muhmentaler
africa moon
africa moon

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