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“Miguel and Max took me on a strike mision to Pozo Izquierdo with an epic forecast ahead ”
Pozo Express is a windsurf edit about Miguel Chapuis and Max Hochgrassl in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. Miguel Max and I planned a quick and short trip to Gran Canaria when we saw there was strong wind coming ahead. We planned everything super quick and went for it. We filmed for 6 days straight scoring epic sessions and filming some epic action. That’s why we called this video “Pozo express” .
Miguel Chapuis
Max Hochgrassl
Pozo Izquierdo
November 2021
Shot on:
Sony a6500
Seafrogs Waterhousing
16mm f1.8
150-600mm f5.6
18-105 mm f4
Gimbal Dji Ronin-S
4 min 51 sec
“Leo was really excited to follow us on this strike mission and to film in such a radical spot like Pozo Izquierdo. He was going in the water to take some epic watershots and filming on land action and lifestyle ”
Miguel Chapuis
Max Hochgrassl
africa moon
africa moon

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